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Main service

You need dependable and professional specific automotive care team then you are in the right place. As the one of the most trustworthy auto repair and service shop in the region, we offer you a various type of service from Audi Repair to Volkswagen Repair

The best computer diagnostic

With the newest generation of hardware and operating system update, we will easily troubleshoot your car problem and resolve it in the shortest possible time.

Breaks & Break Repair

Safety always should be in the first place. If you noticed your brake dashboard light glows amber or it is red, or brake pedal is spongy, and you hear a grinding sound, you should visit us to check it.

Oil Change

Quick and efficient oil change is mandatory for complete car care and maintenance. In our facilities, we handle over 15,000 oil change every day, no matter what model of the car it is about.

Engine Maintenance

The engine is like a heart of your vehicle, and we are like a surgeon and we will take care of your engine maintenance. We will provide you high-quality parts and impeccable service.

Car Wash

Whether you want a self-service or you like professionals perform everything instead of you, we have it all. Outdoor or indoor car wash, extra wash and waxing, everything is here in one place.

Tires &Wheels

The best way to upgrade your vehicle’s performance is to upgrade your wheels and tires. With our help, you will upgrade your vehicle and make your ride only yours.



We will take care of your car

The complete service forms regular maintenance to complete upgrade of your vehicle, everything you can imagine; we can create. No matter what is your car’s state, we will take care of it. We have been servicing our country for over a decade providing the best quality in the region. Your car is our concern! Even if you have special wishes, we offer you an option of a special request, which you can fill out remotely from home before you decide to visit us. We will immediate respond you and provide you with the detailed plan of our further action.



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What People Says About Us

  • Stephen Fitzgerald

    Stephen Fitzgerald

    I always have trusted Audi and VW Car Repair Shop to get the job done on time and right. Even I moved I won’t stop visiting them. Even car emergences won’t be so bad when you know you have a dependable team to lean on and that is exactly what they are trustworthy and reliable.

  • Jason Bell

    Jason Bell

    I recommend Audi and VW Car Repair Shop for all your repairs and maintenance needs. If you want to have an excellent service and great value these guys is exactly what you need, honest and more than experienced. I fully recommend Audi and VW Car Repair Shop for service on any model of your vehicle.

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